The prerequisite for high breeding profitability is to maintain an appropriate level of  hygienic conditions and therefore the health of our animals. Disinfection is one of the basic hygienic and biosecurity treatments. Its effectiveness depends largely on the agent used and the  length of its operation.  Our formula based on silver nanocomplexes  makes SILVECO a combination of fast and long lasting effect. In addition, our products containing silver nanocomplexes are characterized by a wide spectrum of action, which makes them an excellent alternative to antibiotics and classic disinfectants.

SILVECO + products:

two-phase biocidal activity

a wide spectrum of activity

safe for users and the environment
possibility of application in the presence of animals

Hoof correction

Hoof correction  is a routine prophylactic treatment,  to maintain the natural shape of the hooves. This procedure consists in removing the excessively overgrown hoof horn and giving the hooves a proper shape, which in turn enables the animal to evenly distribute the pressure of the body on the hoof. Regularly conducted, it allows to observe irregularities in the hoof structure or symptoms at an early stage, which allows quick response.



All places where animals live are contaminated with bacteria, however the appropriate prevention can protect them against infections. SILVECO Hygiene is a line of products created to prevent the adverse effect of surrounding factors, especially in situations where skin layer is interrupted.

The right protection of wounds and injuries can significantly reduce the development of bacterial and fungal infections.