The SILVECO brand is a series of specialist products based on silver effect. Thanks to properties of this element we create preparations that support breeders in the daily fight against microorganisms.  The products of this line can be divided into three  groups  in the following areas:


The versatility of silver effects translates into a variety of applications of our preparations. A number of our products are used in the area of ​​hygiene of domestic and fur animals, and also  general surface disinfection. SILVECO is also a line of specialized preparations for horses (click to check).


Disinfecting product containing active forms of silver. In addition to the use in the livestock sector, it is ideal for disinfection of any surface exposed to excessive multiplication of bacteria and fungi. SILVECO + effectively works against microorganisms and provides long-lasting microbiological protection.

SILVECO Skin Protection

An aerosol designed for animals  skin hygiene, not only for livestock. It successfully find applications in the hygiene of PET as well as in fur animals. It owes its effectiveness to a complex formula containing active forms of silver. Thanks to its properties, SILVECO Skin Protection protects the application site against the development of pathogens, as well as supports the natural processes of skin reconstruction.